For young MD and PhD students and young post docs a limited number of fellowships will be granted.
The fellowship covers the travel expenses and accommodation during the conference for two nights.
Accommodation costs will only be paid for students coming from far away and are limited to € 100 p.p. per night.
All conference participants, except for invited speakers and guests, are responsible to make their own accommodation arrangements.

To obtain one of the available fellowships please register for conference participation (price: € 120,00) and at the same time submit your abstract online for the poster session until April 24th 2017.
The poster needs to be printed in DIN A0 portrait-format and has to be brought on the first day of the conference, June 14th 2017. 
During the conference, the organising committee will select those posters that get awarded the fellowships and announce the results at the 3rd day of the conference.
To receive reimbursement the winners will be asked to forward the original invoices to the conference secretary reflecting their travel- and accommodation expenses.